Our online application procedure

Since there is only a limited number of spots for our weekend trips and owing to the fact that there are usually more people interested in going than there are spots, we use an online enrolment procedure and draw the participants by lot. Please be honest and apply only once and only if you are really interested in the trip.

The places available will be allocated at random considering all
incoming applications. This means that the exact point of time of
application does not matter as long as it is within the mentioned time frame for the online application.

If you only want to participate in the trip if a friend can come with you, you have the opportunity to apply for two places at once. This also means that you can only be allocated either two places or none. The odds stay the same for everyone!

If you were allocated a place, we will inform you by e-mail.

Then please go to Eddi at Campusservice to pay the fee for the trip and show you student ID or passport for identification. Unfortunately, you lose your place on the list if you don't do that within the mentioned time frame.

Freed-up places will then be allocated by clearing.

If the trip is not fully booked, you will find a note on our website and on our facebook page. You will also find information on when you will be able to enroll for places at Campusservice then.

The link to the online form will appear on this page when it's time.

Details zur Online-Einschreibung für die Berlin-Fahrt

Ziel (destination)


Fahrt-Zeitraum (travel date)

4.-6. Dezember 2015 (Freitag, ca. 9 Uhr bis Sonntag, ca. 22 Uhr)

Preis (fee)

69 Euro

(enrollment timespan)

20. November 2015, 0 Uhr - 21. November 2015, 24 Uhr

Benachrichtigung der Teilnehmer
(message to the participants)

Sonntag, 22. November 2015


Montag, 23. November 2015, bis 16 Uhr bei Eddi im Campus-Service

WILMAner (guides)

Jeanne, Martin und Lars-Peter