Lage-Skizze zum Campus-Service

General Information about the Enrolment

For some WILMA tours a previous enrolment is needed, for example for all tours that are longer than a day in order for us to be able to book the exact number of beds. These enrolments are binding and usually take place at Eddi's, in the Campus Service. Eddi can also answer you many questions about the tours.

An enrolment for our day trips is in most cases not needed, unless we tell you to do so. It’s very simple and a whole lot of fun! All you need to do is: being at the meeting spot on time! WILMA members will care for the rest. During the train ride we usually collect the participation fee and ask you to fill out a form with your name and your student’s number – of course all those who are not a student are welcome, too! Right after that you’ll get a handout containing all important information. Once arrived, WILMA members will take you on a guided city tour in German; for many events a guided tour in English will be offered additionally. Then you’ve all still got some leisure time to discover the city on your own before it’s time for our journey back and we all meet at the station. Should you have any further questions, just get in touch with us!

For every tour it is specified on our flyer and in the program on our homepage whether and in which way an enrolment is needed.

Enrolment Rules

WILMA is a voluntary organization. This means we don't get any money for our work. But it also means we have to pay for any losses. Regarding the enrolment for our weekend trips, we therefore ask you to take into account the following:

  1. Enrolment takes place in the Campusservice. Please check the WILMA event calendar for enrolment dates.
  2. Everybody can enrol only one person. Individual exceptions may be made at enrolment.
  3. Participation fees have to be paid immediately at the enrolment in cash.
  4. If you want to cancel your participation, you have to inform WILMA about it (mail to: We will then decide on individual repayments. This amount is paid back after the trip has taken place. The Campusservice doesn't pay back any money.
    It would be best to find someone who goes on the trip in your place.
  5. Please check beforehand if you really have time on this weekend. Please note: many weekend trips already start on Friday morning.
  6. If we go abroad, please check beforehand whether you need a visa (e.g. for the trip to Prague).
  7. With your signature on the enrolment list you agree with these regulations.