Welcome to our new WILMA-Homepage! Here you can learn all the details and News about our large and miscellaneous program. You can also download our flyer here. And for your convenience to always be up to date you can subscribe to our newsletter. WILMA, the welcoming initiative for foreign students in Leipzig, is a small group of students. In our leisure time we try to help foreign students (especially the ones from the ERASMUS program and exchange students) to spend their time here in a more enjoyable way.

By the way: Germans are also very welcome to join all the WILMA events. After all, we want foreign students to meet Germans and vice versa.



Montagskneipe Jet

Auch im neuen Jahr trefen wir uns wieder zur Montagskneipe im Jet (Arthur-Hoffmann-Straße 54; Linien 9 + 60 – Haltestelle „Körnerstraße“).
Dort könnt ihr kickern, Shisha rauchen, Tischtennis und Retro-Videospiele spielen… Los geht es wie immer um 21:30.

Come to our Pub on Monday! We meet in the pub Jet (Arthur-Hoffmann-Straße 54; lines 9 + 60 – stop at „Körnerstraße“). There you can play some table football, smoke shisha, play table tennis or some old school video games… Start is at 21:30, like always.


Neuer Flyer online

Unser neuer Programmflyer für das Wintersemester 2016/2017 ist nun online.

Our new program for the winter semester 2016/2017 is online.