Useful tips

You are looking for a room?

  1. If you are an exchange students in Leipzig please contact Ms Christiane Schmidt of the Akademisches Auslandsamt (AAA) in Goethestrasse 6, 4th floor, room 403. These are her office hours. She has a list of all rooms available within a certain time frame (which is an advantage for you since you are going to get a room with furniture).

  2. You can also look for rooms on offer on the website “Schwarzes Brett” or post a notice there yourself.

  3. Besides these possibilities you can also visit the real notice boards which are to be found in almost every building of the Universities (excluding HTWK where they are removed by the staff).

  4. Please be aware that there are many empty rooms available in Leipzig. Make sure you know where in Leipzig the room is before you confirm it since the parts of Leipzig are very different. Students often move to the Südvorstadt (THE student quarter, more expensive) or Connewitz (alternative and cheap), or Reudnitz (cheaper), or Schleußig (quite trendy and the moment).


You want to sublet your room to someone?

Exchange students are the ideal interim tenants because they are really only looking for short-term lets (they bring no furniture) and you're shared flat gets a bit of an international touch. If you want to sublet your room to an exchange student you can go to Ms Christiane Schmidt (she's very nice) of the Akademisches Auslandsamt (AAA) on Goethestraße 6, 4th floor, room 403 (these are her office hours). She keeps a register with up-to-date sublet offers for exchange students. You have to go there in person because the AAA as a public institution needs a signature for privacy policy reasons.

You are looking for tandem language learning?

The University's Sprachenzentrum has a Tandem Office. They can assist you in finding a tandem partner. You can register for a language tandem here. You can also gain Credits for tandem language learning.

Another option is to simply ask people at the WILMA Monday pub. You often notice quite quickly who is learning which language. Many people would like to talk to native speakers. It can also be fun without gaining Credits but with drinking beer. There are asymmetrical tandems as well: for example guitar/German. In this case you would speak German and learn how to play the guitar...