What is WILMA

Wilma is an acronym for Welcoming Initiative for foreign Students studying in Leipzig. (of course it is only an acronym with the German translation)

 WILMA- these are about 30 students from different University faculties. They want to help foreign Students (specially exchange students, e.g. ERASMUS, SOKRATES, TEMPUS etc.) to get along easier with the city and the University and to get in touch with German students.

How exactly WILMA came to be you can read here². Antje actually visited one of the founders of WILMA and wrote an article about it.

We believe that informative brochures are not enough to help students with a good start into University life. Often even the most simple things seem hard. To find everything one needs becomes an adventure and meeting local folks is not only the problem of those having little knowledge of German.

WILMA wants to help. For example through welcoming foreign students at the beginning of the semester, placing tutors (now called 'buddies') and as help assistant for the different problems an exchange life can cause.

The central idea of WILMA whatsoever is to establish contact between exchange students and German students and through this offering the opportunity for mutual sympathy.

Next to the tutors different events, with and by foreign students, sportive activities as well as our monday pub ensure the success of that goal. For that we work with differet other groups of the University and are always open for new suggestions.

By the way, we hope, to perform a small act of international understanding.

If you are interested to become a part of WILMA, get in touch with us or meet us at our weekly meeting on mondays in the new seminar building room 120.