Tips for your stay

Living in Leipzig

If you have the privilege to stay in Leipzig during the summer season, you have plenty of options to experience the city!
In the South of the city, you can find the “Cospudener See”, also called “Cossi” by the Leipzig people, a lake where you can enjoy beach vibes including playing volleyball or renting a SUP. Probably you will see the best sunsets here and also spontaneous beach parties can be an option if you’re up for it.
Another highlight is the “Karl-Heine-Kanal”. This is a channel flowing mostly through the western part of the city. It’s quite common to rent a canoe and explore Leipzig from the water’s perspective. In case you’re not the canoe-type, you can also hit up your friends and sip a cold drink by the river side.
Sticking to nature, we won’t forget about Leipzig’s parks: the “Clara-Zetkin-Park” as well as the “Lene-Voigt-Park” offer a lot of space for many activities including round, barbecues, playing frisbee, beerpong tournaments and having a picnic.
Whenever you’re in the mood for taking a drink in a bar, we can recommend the “Hafenbar” located in the “Südvorstadt” or, if you want something fancier, the “Bar Cabana” (a rooftop bar close to the city center). Obviously, this is not all and there are many other opportunities.

If you are looking for a place to stay there are several platforms that you should consider. Most students prefer to life in shared flats (WG) in which they split the costs. The most popular websites  to find rooms are oder Additionally, where are a few Telegram Groupes where people post available rooms. Since the name of the groupes and the links tend to change, just ask a student or us . 

Furthermore, the Studentenwerk offers accommodations in student dormitories. Here is where you can apply for rooms:

There are also a few private student accommodations. They tend to be a little more expensive, but still worth a try (as of 10.2023).



In Leipzig it is easy to get around by bus, tram or train. Further information, such as time tables or travel planers, can be found on the official website of the Leipziger Verkehrsbetriebehttps

Your  Student-ID function as an MDV-Tickt (further Information here You can travel for free in all trams and busses in Leipzig and even take  your kids or your bike with you (only  between 7:30 p.m. to 6:00 a.m and sundays –  granted there is space available). With the ticket you can also use the  trains to visit Halle, Naumburg and of cause the airport Halle/Leipzig as well as many more. Just have a look at the link.

Since May 2023 the 49-euro Deutschlandticket is valid within the whole Republic of Germany.

Further information can be found here:

A lot of people in Germany use their bike to get around the city. The cycle paths are more ore less  well maintained – we  recommend a helmet. Most times its faster and more flexible to go by bike. In general, Leipzig is pretty flat and has a lot of cool nature spots outside to offer, so it’s quite practical to explore the city by bike.
There are a few ways you could get a bike for your stay:

  • –> basically a flea market  for all kinds of things. Here you can buy a cheap bike and reselled it after you stay
  • next bike  –> These are the bikes  you see in the marked areas around the city. You rent them per hour via an app. But beware! you will get fined, if you don’t put them back in the marked areas.
  • Swapfit -> Here you can rent a bike per month. The prices start around 20€/month.
  • Just ask  around. A lot of people have more than one bike at home, maybe the will lend it to you.

Accessibility is not a given everywhere in Leipzig. To make your journeys a little easier, you can use
Wheelmap. Volunteers have entered the accessibility of buildings and the like here.
It’s also available as app.

Student Life

Apart from students of the University of Leipzig our programme also targets students of other public and private universities in Leipzig. So if you are a student of one of the following institutions feel free to join our activities:

The Hochschulsport provides a whole programme of different sports courses during the semester as well as the semester break. – WILMA usually offers a volleyball course here. 

Further information about the programme and  other events organized by the HSS can be found here:

Just write us an e-mail at and we will try to include your ideas in our program. 

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